Creating packages for UrbanCode Deploy

Package definitions created in Engineering Workflow Management can be used to be deployed with UrbanCode Deploy.
Note: UrbanCode Deploy version 6.1.1 or higher is required to deploy the packages. UrbanCode Deploy only deploys packages created for z/OS®.

Engineering Workflow Management builds packages with the Rational Build Agent. The z/OS agent and deployment tools of UrbanCode Deploy must be installed on the same server or partition where Rational Build Agent is installed. The UrbanCode z/OS toolkit should be configured to connect to the UrbanCode Deploy server. When you create packages with the packaging definition editor, you identify the UrbanCode component and version naming convention and the location of the UrbanCode z/OS toolkit script. Specifying the UrbanCode Deploy information generates packages for UrbanCode Deploy. The UrbanCode Deploy information is specified in the UrbanCode Deploy packaging options section of the package definition. See Configuring a z/OS package definition for more information.

After the package definition is configured, you can submit requests to create packages for UrbanCode Deploy from the package definition. In UrbanCode Deploy, these packages are referred to as component versions. If you choose not to generate the UrbanCode Deploy package, a ship list is generated. The ship list can be submitted as an input to the UrbanCode Deploy toolkit script at a later time to generate an UrbanCode Deploy package .
Note: UrbanCode Deploy packages cannot be deployed with a deployment definition in Engineering Workflow Management.

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