Enterprise Extensions builds

Enterprise Extensions builds typically run on Enterprise platforms like IBM® i and z/OS®. Some of these build types and tasks require a Developer for IBM Enterprise Platforms client access license (CAL).

Enterprise Extensions builds include additional configuration options that use the Rational® Build Agent and Jazz® Build Engines. You can define your builds using system definition templates designed for IBM i and z/OS. These Enterprise Extensions system definitions capture and maintain several pieces of supporting build information that you can specify all at once, and then use continuously when you or your teammates build. For more information about these system definitions, see Enterprise Extensions system definitions.

Use the Developer for IBM Enterprise Platforms CAL to set up Enterprise Extensions dependency builds. These builds save time and resources by only building artifacts that have changed since the last successful build.

Enterprise Extensions builds can also benefit from the IBM Dependency Based Build (DBB) toolkit, which is delivered as an SMP/E installable component. So, if you install the HBGZ100 FMID, you can enhance the Enterprise Extension builds in the following ways: