Viewing the Work Breakdown and Schedule chart (Gantt chart)

The Work Breakdown and Schedule chart provides a graphical representation of the planned work items and the schedule information. You can use this chart to view the schedule and duration of planned work items.

Before you begin

To view the Work Breakdown and Schedule chart, you must create a plan and assign work items to the plan. Work items assigned to the plan also need to have estimates and dependencies, in order for the display to show the schedule and duration. For more information, see Creating work items in the web client.
  • By default, the Work Breakdown and Schedule chart is available in the Formal Project Management process template. If you follow the Scrum process template, the Roadmap is a variation of the Work Breakdown and Schedule and includes the Effective Estimate, Owned By, and Rank columns.
  • To view the Work Breakdown and Schedule chart using other template types, you need to add the Accumulated Time column to your plan. From the Planned Items tab, click the Edit Plan View icon (Edit Plan View), and then click the Column Display tab. Click the Add Column icon (Add Column), select Accumulated Time, and then click OK.


  1. To open a plan in the web client, click Plans from the menu.
  2. Browse for the plan, or click a plan in the Recent Plans section.
  3. On the Planned Items tab, from the View As list, select Work Breakdown and Schedule.

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