Setting work item types as plan items

Generally, planning work items such as Stories and Epics are considered plan items. You can configure the project area to specify one or more work item types as the plan items in plans. The plan items are displayed on the product and team backlog plans in Scrum process template. The sprint backlog and iteration plans shows all work items types.

About this task

You can designate a Story as the plan item. In this case, story work items are displayed as plan items in the plan. This helps the team develop story-oriented planning and efficiently express the themes of the iteration for a particular component.


  1. Right-click the project area in the Team Artifacts view, and click Open. The project area opens in the editor view.
  2. Click the Process Configuration tab.
  3. In the Project Configuration section, expand the Configuration Data and Planning nodes.
  4. Click the Work Item Type Categorization node.
  5. Select one or more work item types and click Save.

What to do next

Note: You can rename the Top Items folder on the Planned Items page of a plan. The folder continues to function as described in this topic.