Setting project hours and days per week

You can use Work Environment configuration in the Project Area editor to specify the hours per day, quitting time, and days per week for a project. These settings are used to determine work durations in iteration planning and work item interfaces.

About this task

The quitting time value is used to calculate the finish date for an unassigned work item. The default value is 5 PM. For example, task B is unassigned, dependent on task A, and is estimated for 4 hours. The scheduler finds that task B needs to start at 4 PM today. Based on the default quitting time, the scheduler calculates that task B will be completed tomorrow. Team members can customize their own work schedules on the Work Environment page of the User editor.


  1. In the Team Artifacts view, right-click the project area, and click Open.
  2. Click the Process Configuration tab.
  3. In the Configuration section, click Project Configuration > Configuration Data > Planning, and then click Work Environment.
  4. Set the Work Time per Day and Quitting time.
  5. In Working Days, select the working days of a week for a project.
  6. Click Save.