Modifying allocation periods for resources

After allocating a resource to the project, you can modify the allocation period according to the project requirements.

You can add or modify allocation periods from the Resources tab and from the Work Environment tab of your profile page. To add or modify allocation periods from the Work Environment tab, you must have certain permission. For more information about the permission to add or modify allocation period, see Permitting users to modify allocation. If you add or modify the allocation period of the resource from one tab, the changes are reflected in the other tab.

Note: The resource tab is only available in the Formal Project Management process template.


  1. In the Plan editor, click the Resources tab.
  2. Hover the mouse pointer over the allocation row, and in the Actions column click the Edit Date Range icon (Edit date range).
  3. Modify the start date, end date, and allocation percentage of the resource.
  4. In the Actions column, click the Edit Date Range icon (Edit date range), and then click Save. If the resource is not available for the modified allocation, an error message is prompted.

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