Managing work items in My Work view

You can quickly assess your work load using My Work view. You can view newly assigned work items and work items for current and future iterations. You can assess your current work load and change the order, priority, and other properties for your work items. Double-click work items to open them in the work item editor.


  1. Click Window > Show View > Other > Work Items > My Work.
  2. The first time you add the view, click Select a project area. Select a project, and click OK.
  3. In the My Work view, click the Down Arrow icon (View menu) to select a different project area and configure other settings and preferences for the view.
  4. To add a color code to work items in this view based on attribute values, click the Down Arrow (View menu) icon, and then click Colorize. In the Expression field, use the syntax described in Quick query syntax to specify attribute values for the colors.

What to do next

Common features in My Work view

The following features are common to the Inbox, Current Work, and Future Work sections:

  • Double-click a work item in a section to open it in the work item editor.
  • Right-click a work item for more options.
  • To modify a work item property, such as priority and duration, click the property icon.
  • Entries with unsaved changes are marked with an asterisk. To save your changes to a work item, in the My Work toolbar, click the Save icon (save).
  • Press Ctrl+F to find, filter, and colorize work items.

The following features are common to the Current Work and Future Work sections:

  • Alerts are displayed to left of a work item entry; for example, an alert is shown if the work item's estimated completion falls beyond its due date. For more information, hover the mouse pointer over the alert.
  • To display a table of the work item's details, right-click a work item and click Show Details.
  • To display the latest changes to the work item, right-click a work item and click Show Recent News.
  • To display the corrected estimate and time spent for the work item, right-click a work item and click Show Work Time. Click the icons for these attributes to change the values. You can also expand or collapse a work item by selecting it and pressing Alt+Right Arrow.
  • To organize work items by the color coding specified in the Colorize settings for the view, click the Down Arrow icon (View menu) in a section, and click Group By Color.
  • To rank work items in the preferred order, drag and drop the work items.

The My Work view saves changes to work items in the view after a brief period of inactivity in the work item. This automatic save operation does not occur if the work item is being edited in another view. To disable this feature, click the Down Arrow icon (View menu), and clear the Automatically Save Changes option.