Creating a plan board

Create plan boards to track your team's work; to quickly create work items and assign attributes by using easy access icons and keyboard shortcuts; and to locate work items through searches and filters.

Before you begin

Create a plan board to manage your team's work. Open Quick Planner by selecting Plans > Quick Planner.


  1. Type a name for your plan board. If you want to create a prepopulated board, accept the default; if you want to create your own board, clear Uses preconfigured lanes. Click Plan Board, and click Create.
  2. A new plan board is created. Depending upon the iteration structure of the project and the selected iteration while creating the board, the lanes might be:
    • Incoming Work
    • Product Backlog
    • Sprint 1
    • Sprint 2
    • development
    • stabilization
    Note: You can use a plan board in Quick Planner to view your plan by parent iteration and any number of its sub-iterations, Simply create a plan board with one lane containing the parent iteration, and the other lanes containing the sub-iterations.
  3. Lane filter To find work items quickly, you can use the lane filter, located at the top of the board. Once you use a filter, if you close and reopen the board, the filter terms persist. Click the Filter work items by keyword field. When you click the field, a window shows the available filters that you can use to refine your search:

    Filter that shows the high-priority work items

    Click a filter to populate the field. For example, click Priority, and then click High. The work items with the priority set to high display.

    You can filter on Team Area:

    Filter by team area

    You can filter on State:


    You can filter on State Group:

    Filter by team area

    Tip: For more examples on filtering work items, hover the filter icon (Filter help icon) and you see filter option examples:
    Filter examples
  4. To change the settings for your board, in the left navigation pane, hover beside your board name and click the ellipses: Administration gear icon, and click Board settings & Sharing. On the board settings page, you can:
    1. Edit the name of the board.
    2. Add a tag or tags to the board. Tags help you to organize and filter your boards. Note that as you type a tag name, it automatically appears beside the board name in the left navigation pane.
    3. Share this board with another project, another team, or other individual team members. To learn more about sharing your boards, see Sharing Quick Planner boards.
    To return to the board, click Close or click your board name in the left navigation pane.
  5. You can choose the number of lanes that you want to show at one time, and the number of lanes available depends upon the size of your display or monitor. Click the lanes icon , and select the number of lanes you want to show in your board, up to a maximum of five lanes.
  6. To add more lanes, click the + (plus) sign and you can add a new unconfigured lane.
  7. You can configure individual lanes. Click the administration icon Administration gear icon and the lane administration page opens.
    • Edit the name of the lanes. Note that changing the name of the lane does not change its content. You need to change the Iteration or Tags fields to change the content.
    • You can change Owner for your lane content.
    • You can change Iteration for your lane content. Depending upon the iteration structure of the project and the selected iteration while creating the board, the options might be:
      • Release 1.0
      • Sprint 1
      • Sprint 2
        • development
        • stabilizlation
      • Product Backlog
      • Maintenance
    • You can decide if you want show resolved work items:
      • Yes, show all items, even those that are closed or resolved.
      • No, don't show me items that are resolved
    • You can specify Tags that you want to be included in the work items. In this case, only work items within the state and the state group as well as the selected tags are displayed.
    • You can choose how you want the content to be presented. Click Group by and you can choose to present the content ordered by:
      • Ranked list
      • Priority
      • Severity
      • Owned by
      • No grouping
  8. You can pin a lane, or several lanes, so that the pinned lane remains in view as you scroll through the other lanes. This allows you to drag and drop work items easily from one lane to another in the way that you want. To pin a lane, click the pin icon, Pin lane icon.

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