Configure plan view using WSJF (decimal) as a sorter

In the plan editor, you can use a decimal attribute as a sorter, which lets you use the WSJF (decimal) attribute to differentiate between features that have the same WSJF integer values.

Before you begin

You must have a project created using the SAFe 4.0 Process (Program) template.


  1. Open your SAFe 4.0 project and click Admin: Admin gear button, and click Planning.
  2. Plan Types and Views
  3. Add WSJF (Decimal) as a planning attribute, and click Save.
    Add WSFJ
  4. To add WSJF (decimal) as a sorter, click Planning > Plan Types and Plan Views > Plan View Elements > Sorting, and click Add. Select the WSJF (Decimal) attribute, type a name for this sorting value, such as WSJF Decimal, and click OK, and click Save.
    Image of Add WSJF (Decimal) as Sorting Criterion
  5. Open your plan and in the View As field, select Roadmap. Select the WSJF (Decimal) attribute for sorting. In the Column Display option, add the newly added WSJF(Decimal) attribute. Click OK. The work items are now sorted using the decimal attribute.
    Image of Sorting using WSJF Decimal