Associating plan views with a plan type

To use a newly created plan view in the Planned Items page for all the plans of a plan type, you must associate the new plan view with a plan type. A plan view is visible only for a particular plan type. For example, if you have associated a plan view with an iteration plan, you can view it only in an iteration plan.

Before you begin

You must create a plan view before associating it with a plan type. For more information, see Creating and editing plan views.


  1. Open a project area editor, and click Process Configuration tab.
  2. Click Project Configuration > Configuration Data > Planning, and then click Plan Views.
  3. Select the new plan view, and click the Promote icon (Promote). To confirm the change, click OK.
    Promoting a plan view makes it available for all plan types.
  4. To associate a plan view with a particular plan type, click Plan Types.
  5. In the Plan Types section, click the plan type to which you want to associate the plan view.
  6. In the Plan Views section, click Add, select the new plan view and click OK.
  7. To save the project area, click Save.