Plan snapshots

A snapshot captures the current state of the plan. You can use it to capture the state of a committed or approved plan. You can compare current plans with previous snapshots to analyze the progress of projects and to forecast project outcomes.
Note: In general, linking IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) plans to versioned artifacts is not supported. It is possible to create a link from a versioned artifact to a plan; however, when you navigate the link from within the plan, EWM uses the default configuration for the target project area. The default configuration might not be the same configuration from which the link to the plan was created. For more information, see Limitations of linking work items to versioned artifacts.

Snapshots capture the following information:

The initial snapshots are the standard against which the progress of the project is assessed. You can take more snapshots throughout the project, as the schedules, requirements, and scope of the project change. In an agile development project, you might take snapshots of the plan at the start and end of every iteration. You can view snapshots and compare snapshots with each other or with the current plan to estimate and measure project status and progress.

By default, in the Formal Project Management process template, the following types of snapshots are available:
  • Regular snapshot: Snapshots that can be taken at any time in the project planning or execution phase. A plan can have any number of regular snapshots.
  • Proposed snapshot: A snapshot of the plan with the proposed work breakdown structure. A plan can have only one proposed snapshot. If a proposed snapshot exists, and you select another snapshot as the proposed plan snapshot, the existing proposed plan snapshot is changed to a regular snapshot.
  • Planned snapshot: A snapshot of the plan after resources are assigned to the work items. This snapshot shows the committed plan. A plan can have only one planned snapshot. If a planned snapshot exists and you select another snapshot as the planned snapshot, the existing planned snapshot is changed to a regular snapshot.
Note: The Scrum and other process templates contain only the regular and planned snapshot types.

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