Importing Automated Test Scripts From a Shared Location

You can import references to multiple automated test scripts from a shared location on your network. To import automated test scripts from a shared location:

  1. Create a Shared Resource Location. Click Admin drop-down and select System Properties. The following window opens up:
  2. Select Shared Resource Locations which will open a tab to enter the details of the location from where you want to import the test scripts.

    Suppose you have kept the test scripts in the example location: \\ps2963\LRShare

    Enter this information and click on the Test Connection icon. The shared resource location is connected and is shown as accessible.

  3. Now create a test script by clicking on the Construction tab on the left hand side and selecting the Create Test Script option.
  4. Give a name to the new test script and select the Type for the test script. Example: HP LoadRunner Script
  5. The following window will open up. Select Use test resources from a shared location option. Click Browse button.
  6. A window opens up displaying the available shared test resources. Select one and click OK.
  7. Resource path will be shown in the text box named Scenario. Save the script by clicking on the Save button available on the upper right corner.
  8. The script is created now. You can create a test case and include the script in the test case.