Executing a test case that refers to a LoadRunner test script

To run a test case we need to add atleast one test script in it.

  1. From the left sidebar, point to the Construction icon and click Create Test Case. A new test case opens, with a table of contents on the left and an editor on the right.
  2. At the top of the new test case window, enter a test case name.
  3. Select the tab of Test Scripts on the left side to add a test script.

    Select the add icon from right hand side to add an existing LoadRunner test script.

  4. Select a LoadRunner test script and click OK to save it in the test case.
  5. To execute the test case, click on the Run Test Case icon.
  6. This will display a Run Test Case window where we need to select an active LoadRunner adapter. Clicking OK will trigger execution of the test case.
  7. Following screen shots show execution of a test case in various stages:

  8. On execution completion, we can click on the Close and show results to display execution results.