Finalizing design reviews

You can finalize your review at the end of the review lifecycle by providing a summary that explains the outcome of the review for all participants. This summary is sent to all the participants and is saved with the review. While the review is in progress, you can finalize it at any time.

Before you begin

To finalize a review, you must be the review author.

About this task

The Review Overview page contains this information about your review:
  • The review state (Draft, In Progress, Paused, Reviewed, Finalized)
  • The participants that are assigned to the review and their review progress.
  • The artifacts for review and their review status.
At the end of a design review lifecycle, you can finalize the review.


  1. On the capabilities toolbar, click Reviews, and under Browse, click Reviews.
  2. Open the review to finalize.
  3. On the Review Overview page, click Finalize Review.
  4. In the Finalize the Review window, in the Summary of the review field, enter an explanation that details the outcome of the review.
  5. Click Finalize. The review is marked as Finalized. Participants and artifacts tables are automatically collapsed and the total number of artifact comments are displayed.


When you finalize a review, the review cannot be modified anymore, except to add comments or links.