Lifecycle traceability

Traceability between artifacts in the development lifecycle is important for governance and impact analysis: it facilitates the overall quality of the software or systems application being developed, and enables teams to make informed changes, reduce risk, and improve agility.
By creating traceable relationships between software artifacts across all disciplines, including design management, requirements management, change and configuration management, and quality management, you can improve quality in the following ways:
  • Share and combine information about projects so that project teams and stakeholders are better able to understand the application being developed.
  • Assess and manage the impact of change on elements in the design by performing impact analysis.
  • Identify and eliminate gaps to ensure full coverage across requirements, design, development, and test.
  • Ensure that the design satisfies the business requirements.
  • View related artifacts and make informed decisions about the project.

Lifecycle views

Links between artifacts help increase the quality of a software solution. You can view the relationships between artifacts, and identify and eliminate missing information by using the following Traceability views:
  • Traceability in Rational® Team Concert®: When you create plans and link them to other artifacts, the Traceability view visualizes the relationships for each plan item. To include information about links to design artifacts you can modify the Traceability view to include columns for specific link types. For example, the default columns do not include the Elaborates Architecture Element link type, so you must add one.
  • Traceability in Rational Requirements Composer: When you link design artifacts to requirements, you can view the traceability links in query results or in dashboard widgets. For more information, see Traceability.

Lifecycle queries

You can use queries to answer traceability questions. You can use traceability queries and filters to find gaps and assess quality. There are several predefined queries that you can use to view traceability:
  • In Rational Software Architect, on the Designs menu, click Browse > Queries, and select a query from the list.
  • In a Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management application, on the Work Items menu, click Browse > Shared Queries, expand Lifecycle Queries and select a query from the list.