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Lesson 1: Run and save a report

In this lesson, you learn about the different reports that come with the Quality Management application and you explore a test execution status report.

About this task

During a development sprint, or at the end of a sprint, it is important to understand whether the tests are passing or failing.


  1. Log in to the Quality Management application as the test manager: In Userid and Password, enter tammy).
  2. Click Reports > Browse > Shared Reports.
  3. Review the rich set of quality management reports.
    1. In the Type to filter field, enter TCER to see the reports that display information about test case execution records.
    2. In the Select View list, select Execution to view the list of test case execution record reports related to test execution.
  4. In the list of reports, click the Execution Status using TCER Count (Live) report.
  5. Filter the report by selecting Development Test in the Test Plan list.
  6. Run the report by clicking Run in the upper-right corner of the tab. The report is filtered to show the execution results for Development Test.
    Report results
  7. Expand What does this report tell me?. A description of what the reports shows and a recommendation for what to watch for is displayed.

    inconclusive steps

  8. Save this report for reference. In the upper-right corner of the report, click Click to Edit Parameters Edit parameters.
  9. Click the Save as button to save these input parameters.
  10. In the Save Report As window, enter a name, description, and a folder for the report:
    Option Description
    Name Execution Status using TCER Count - Development Test
    Description Count of TCERs by result state and the Development Test plan
    Folder My Reports
  11. Click OK.
  12. Click Reports > Browse > My Reports.
  13. Find your saved report. If the report is not listed, click the RefreshRefresh icon in the upper-right corner to see your newly saved report.
  14. Click your saved report, and notice how your report parameters are saved as expected. You can select other parameters to filter this report even further and run the report again.


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