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Lesson 2: Add the test suite to a test plan

In this lesson you add the test suite to the Development Test test plan.

About this task

A test plan helps to organize your test execution activities, but it is not a requirement for test suite execution. By including the test suite in a test plan, you can you plan for the execution of the suite as part of the testing activities for the test plan.

To add the test suite to the test plan:


  1. If you have not already done so, log in as the tester (Userid: tanuj, Password: tanuj). If you are prompted with a project login dialog box, select the JKE Banking (Quality Management) project.
  2. Click Planning > Browse Test Plans.
  3. From the list of test plans, click Development Test in the Name column. The test plan opens in the test plan editor.
  4. Click the Test Suites section.
  5. Click the Add Test Suites icon (Add). The Add Test Suites window opens.
  6. Select (QM Tutorial) Regression Test Suite and click OK. The test suite is included in the Test Suites section of the test plan.
    Tip: You might notice that the test suite names in the Name column are truncated in your version of the Test Suites section. You can modify the table to wrap the text by clicking the Change Display Settings icon (Change Display Settings) and selecting Wrap words to show all.
  7. Click Save to save the test plan.
  8. Click (QM Tutorial) Regression Test Suite in the Name column to open the test suite. Notice that Development Test is listed as the parent test plan for the suite in the Parent Test Plan(s) panel.
    Note: Refresh the page if you are not seeing the test plan listed as the parent test plan.

What to do next

In the next lesson, you continue as the tester and add test cases to the test suite.

Lesson checkpoint

In this lesson, you learned the following:
  • How to add a test suite to a test plan
  • How to open a test suite from a test plan
  • How to determine the parent test plan of a test suite
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