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Lesson 4: Add a test plan section

In this lesson, you add a section to the test plan and assign it to a team member for completion.

About this task

A test plan includes several predefined sections. Each section includes its own editor. Some sections, such as the Business Objectives and Test Objections sections, consist of a rich-text editor for text input. These editors provide common formatting features such as table support, font support, bullets, and numbered lists.

Other test plan sections, such as the Requirements and Tests Cases sections, provide links to these additional test artifacts. Still other sections include tables that establish and measure against criteria such as Exit Criteria, Entry Criteria, Quality Objectives, and Test Schedules.

You can add your own sections and remove sections that you do not need using the Manage Sections feature.

Add a section for the test scope

Tammy wants to add a section to the test plan that defines the test plan scope. The purpose of the section is to provide stakeholders with overview information about the scope of the test effort.


To add a section, continue as Tammy and complete these steps:

  1. Below the list of test plan sections, click Manage Sections.
  2. In the list of available sections, select Test Plan Scope; then click the Add icon.
  3. In the Selected Sections list, select Test Plan Scope, which was recently added, and then click the Move Up icon successively until the section is located under Test Objectives.
    The image shows the Manage Sections window; Test Plan Scope is selected in the Selected Sections list, and is near the top of the list.
  4. Click OK. The Test Plan Scope section is now in the navigation bar.
  5. Click Test Plan Scope; then click the Edit icon.
  6. Copy the following text, which serves as the guiding principles for the section, and paste it in the Test Plan Scope section:

    The purpose of the Development Test test plan is to:
        *Provide a central artifact to govern the planning and control of the test effort
        *Define the general approach that will be employed to test the software and to evaluate the results of that testing
        *Provide visibility to stakeholders in the testing effort that adequate consideration has been given to various aspects of governing the testing effort, and where appropriate to have those stakeholders approve the plan

    Now, Tammy wants the Test Plan Scope section to contain information about the software and system that the plan applies to.
  7. Create a quality task to include the information in the Test Plan Scope section, and assign the task to a team member:
    1. Next to Quality Task, click Create. The draft quality task opens in a window. The task summary is prefilled for you.
    2. From the Owned By list, select Tanuj.
    3. Click OK, and then save the test plan.

Lesson checkpoint

You learned how to complete these tasks:
  • Add a section to the test plan.
  • Use quality tasks to assign a team member to complete a section.
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