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Lesson 5: Reconcile a test plan with its requirement collection to discover suspect test cases

In the previous lesson, you logged in as the tester, Tanuj, to reconcile a test plan with new requirements in the linked requirements collection. During the reconcile operation, you discovered that a requirement was also removed from the requirement collection. In this lesson, you continue as the tester and reconcile the test plan with requirements that have been removed to discover the impacted test cases.

Identify suspect test cases

A test case is considered suspect when the requirements it is intended to provide test coverage for have changed in some way. When you identify a suspect test case, you can create a quality task to update the test case, thereby ensuring proper coverage during test execution.


  1. If you have not already done so, log in as the tester, Tanuj (Userid: tanuj, Password: tanuj) when prompted with the login window.
  2. In the Development Test test plan, open the Requirement Collection Links section.
  3. Reconcile the test plan with the requirements in the requirement collection. At the upper-right side of the section, click the Reconcile Requirements in Collections button (Reconcile Requirements in Collections and Reconcile Requirement icon).
  4. If there are remaining requirements without test coverage, ignore them for now. Click Next without selecting the requirements. The Reconcile Requirements wizard shows that a requirement has been removed from the requirement collection associated with the test plan. The status, New, and the linked test case are also shown for the requirement.
  5. Select the requirement; then click the Mark Suspect icon (Mark Suspect). In the Action column, Mark Suspect is displayed. This action will be applied to the test case when you finish the wizard.
    Reconcile Requirements wizard, selecting a requirement to generate test case for.
  6. Now that a linked requirement has been modified, it is a best practice to create a Quality Task to update the suspect test case. Click Create a new Quality Task; then click Finish.

Create and define the quality task


  1. In the Reconcile Requirement wizard, select the check box next to the modified test case, Donors Deposit Money in a Pooled Assistance Fund.
  2. Click Create New Quality Task. The Quality Task window opens, and many fields are predefined.
  3. In Filed Against, select -BRM.
  4. In Owned By, select Tanuj.
  5. Set the due date and type a description.
    Reconcile Requirements wizard, selecting a requirement to generate test case for.
  6. Click OK. A task is added to the My Tasks widget for Tanuj.

What to do next

In the next lesson, you will login as Tammy, check the test coverage status, and approve the test plan.

Lesson checkpoint

When you reconcile test plans with the requirements in their linked requirement collections, you can discover new, updated, and removed requirements. Associated test cases can then be created from scratch or marked as suspect for further action, as appropriate.
In this lesson, you learned the following:
  • How to identify suspect test cases
  • How to create quality tasks for updating the test cases
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