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Lesson 6: Approve the test plan

Earlier in this tutorial, you logged in as Tammy and rejected the test plan because all the requirements were not covered by test cases. In this lesson, you again login as Tammy to verify that the requirements are covered and approve the test plan.


  1. Log in as the test manager by typing tammy for both the user ID and password. If you are prompted with a project login window, select the JKE Banking (Quality Management) project. The quality dashboard opens.
  2. Open the test plan by clicking Planning > Browse Test Plans. From the list of test plans, click Development Test in the name column.

Check the latest requirements coverage status


To get the latest requirements coverage status, run the Plan Requirements Coverage by Test Case report:

  1. On the menu bar, click Reports > Shared Reports.
  2. Under the Requirements reports, select the Plan Requirements Coverage by Test Case report.
  3. In the Test Plan parameter of the report, select Development Test; then click Run.


The report shows a pie graph, with covered requirements in green and uncovered requirements in red. If earlier you chose to generate test cases for all new requirements, the graph will display all green.

Approve the test plan

Now that you can verify that all requirements are covered by test cases, approve the test plan. Some test artifacts might require additional review or approval iterations, depending on the formal review process in your team.


  1. Return to the test plan by clicking Planning; then, under the Recently Viewed section, click Development Test.
  2. Click the Formal Review section.
  3. Next to Tammy's name, set Rejected to Reviewed.
  4. Under Review Comments, click New Comment.
  5. Type All requirements are now covered by test cases.
  6. Near the top of the test plan, in the Action list, select Approve.
  7. Click Save.

    The test plan is approved:

    Approved test plan

Lesson checkpoint

In this lesson, you learned the following:
  • How to monitor test artifact construction
  • How to open a recently viewed artifact
  • How to approve a test artifact review

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