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Lesson 1: Submit a test plan for review

Before you begin testing, follow best practices by having your test plan reviewed. The Formal Review section provides a way for the entire team to collaborate in the development of the test plan; the review can help your business processes comply with applicable industry standards and regulations.

About this task

In the background of the scenario depicted in this tutorial, the test manager, Tammy, has created a test plan and assigned part of the test plan's completion to Tanuj, a tester on her team. Tanuj has completed his work in the test plan and is ready to have it reviewed by Tammy in accordance with the review process used by his team. In this lesson, you log in as Tanuj, add a reviewer, and then submit the test plan to review.


  1. Log in as the tester, Tanuj (Userid: tanuj, Password: tanuj) when prompted with the login dialog box. If you are prompted with a project login dialog box, select the JKE Banking (Quality Management) project. The quality dashboard opens.
  2. Open the Development Test test plan by clicking Planning > Browse Test Plans. From the list of test plans, click Development Test in the Name column. The test plan opens in the test plan editor.
    Tip: To open all of the sections of the test plan, at the bottom of the left menu, click the Show All Sections check box.
  3. From the table of contents, click the Formal Review section.
  4. To add a new reviewer to this test plan:
    1. At the top-left corner of the Formal Review section, click the arrow next to New: Approval and select Review.
    2. Type a description of the review: Development Test plan final review.
    3. Set a review completion due date.
    4. Click Add reviewer.
    5. Type the name of the tester: tanuj.
    6. In Matching users, click Tammy, and then click Add and Close.
      Formal Review section
    7. In the Action list at the top of the test plan, select Ready for review.
      This action changes the test plan state from Draft to Under Review and generates email notifications to the reviewers and approvers when you save the test plan.
    8. Click Save.
  5. Log out as the tester, Tanuj.


The status of the review is listed as Pending. In a case where there are multiple reviewers, as each member completes the work item, the owner can click History to track the review history.

In the next lesson, you log in as Ursula to manage the requirements collection associated with the test plan and add a new requirement.

Lesson checkpoint

In this lesson, you learned the following:
  • How to open and navigate through the sections of a test plan
  • How to request a formal review of a test artifact and change the artifact state to Under Review

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