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Lesson 1: Add a manual test script to a test case

In this lesson, you log in as the tester to create a manual test script and add the script to a test case. A manual test script is a series of test instructions, called statements, that guide a tester through a manual test.

Before you begin

This tutorial depends on artifacts that you create in previous tutorials. Before you begin this lesson, you must complete these tutorials: Work with requirements and the formal review process and Set up the test environment.


Start developing test scripts:

  1. Log in as the tester by entering tanuj as both the user ID and password. Then, open the JKE Banking (Quality Management) dashboard.
  2. From the main menu, click Construction > Browse > Test Cases.
  3. Click the (QM Tutorial) Donor can choose to support multiple organizations test case.
  4. Assign the test case to Tanuj by selecting him as the owner.
  5. Create a manual test script for testing the dividend allocation function:
    1. From the list of sections, click Test Scripts. In the section that opens, click the Create Test Script icon Create Test Script.
    2. For the name, type (QM Tutorial) Allocate Dividends to Multiple Causes. For the description, type The user chooses to allocate a percentage of dividends from a dividend bearing account to multiple causes and verifies that the allocations were done correctly. The total percentage allocated should be divided equally across all causes. Click OK to create the test script, and then save the test case.
    3. To open and begin editing the test script, in the Test Scripts section of the test case, click the test script name.
    4. In the Manual Test editor, click Click to add step.
  6. In the Description and Expected Results fields of the steps, enter the text that is shown in the following table:
    Step Description Expected Results
    1 Start the JKE Banking application. The JKE Banking window opens.
    2 In the Username field, type jbrown.  
    3 In the Password field, type jbrown.  
    4 In the Authenticator Code field, type 0000.  
    5 Click the Login button. User is logged in to the application.
    6 Click the Checking Account link.  
    7 Click the Allocate Dividend Percentage button.  
    8 Select multiple organizations.  
    9 In the Percentage field, type a percentage.  
    10 Click Next.  
    11 Click Confirm.  
    All of the steps in the script are execution steps. Execution is the default step type. Execution steps are actions that testers do when they run the script. Several of the steps must be reporting steps, which summarize the result of several steps.
  7. Change the types of steps 4 and 9 to reporting by selecting the steps, clicking the action icon next to their step numbers, and clicking Reporting Step Reporting step.
  8. If you want to further clarify steps, add inline images. The images are displayed in a manual test script when a test runs. You can also add attachments, comments, and verification text. To add an image to a step:
    1. Click the step to add the image to.
    2. Click the Insert Image icon Insert image.
    3. In the window that opens, browse to and select the file that contains the image to add.
      Tip: To choose the display format for images, click the Manage All Images icon Manage all images, and then select Full Size, Thumbnail, or Link.
      This example shows a manual test step that includes an image:

      Inconclusive steps script with pictures

  9. When you are finished with the script, click Save.

What to do next

In the next lesson, you continue as the tester and add test data to the manual test script.

Lesson checkpoint

In this lesson, you learned this information:
  • How to create a manual test script and add it to a test case
  • How to add steps to a manual test script
  • How to change the type of a step in a manual test script
  • How to add images to a manual test script step

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