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Lesson 1.6: Create a test cell for the test environment

In this lesson you, in the role of test manager, create a test cell. A test cell is a collection of lab resources that are configured with attributes that a test environment requires. Test cells are used primarily for the execution of test scripts, test suites, and test execution sequences.

About this task

To create a test cell:


  1. Log in as Tammy, the test manager. Type tammy for the user ID and tammy for the password.
  2. In the main menu, click Lab Management > Create > Test Cell. The Create Test Cell editor opens.
  3. Type BetaTestCell as the name of the test cell. This field is required. We are basing the test cell name on the name of the test environment that we created in Lesson 1.5: Create a lab resource test environment.
  4. In Type, accept the default value of Machine.
  5. In Owner, select Tammy.
  6. Click <Click here to enter summary information>, and type Test cell for the BetaTest test environment.
  7. Expand the Description section, click Add content, and type This test cell contains lab resources with the attributes that are defined in the BetaTest test environment.
  8. Click Preview to close the text editor.
  9. In Lab Resources, click the Select a Test Environment for the Test Cell icon (Configuration), select BetaTest, and click OK. Notice that two rows are added to the table. The rows are added because two lab resources that have the attributes that are specified in the test environment have been located. lab resources
  10. Click the Assign a Lab Resource to each row (if possible) icon (Assign lab resource to each row). The machines that you defined earlier in the module are displayed under Resource Name.
  11. Expand the Machine Availability section to reserve the test cell:
    1. Select one of the machines you created in previous lessons.
    2. In Reserve from, select a future date.
    3. In Reserve to, select a date two weeks later than the Reserve from date.
    4. Click the Reserve icon (Reserve).

      Notice that the graph displays the dates that you selected. You can use the zoom feature to view a broader range of dates. You can also scroll to the left or right to see dates that might not be displayed.

  12. Click Save. The test cell that you created is reserved for the selected dates and is available for executing test cases, test suites, or test execution sequences.
  13. Click Lab Management > Browse > Test Cells. The test cell that you just created is displayed in the list.

Lesson checkpoint

In this lesson, you learned the following:
  • How to create a test cell
  • How to associate a test environment with a test cell
  • How to assign lab resources to the test cell
  • How to reserve the test cell for future testing
  • How to view a list of test cells
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