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Lesson 1.1: Create a physical machine

In this lesson, you create data for a physical machine.

About this task

To create lab resource data for a physical machine:


  1. Log in as Tammy, the test manager. Type tammy for the user ID and tammy for the password.
  2. In the main menu, click Lab Management > Create > Machine. The Create Machine editor opens.
  3. At the top of the editor, complete these steps:
    1. Ttype Server1 as the name of the machine.
    2. In Owner, select Tammy.
    3. In Operational Status, ensure Available is selected.
    4. Click <Click here to enter a description>, and type Beta test server for the description of the machine.
  4. In the General Information section, complete these steps:
    1. In Type, select PhysicalMachine.
    2. In Location, type Buidling 501 as the location for the machine.
    3. In Administrative Status, select Enabled.

    You can use Remote Connection to link to a remote machine. This feature is only available if you set up an integration with an inventory-provider application. For now, leave this section blank.

  5. Expand the Hardware section, and complete these steps:
    1. In Manufacturer, type IBM.
    2. In Memory (MB), type 1024. The units of memory are in megabytes.
  6. Expand the Operating System section, and complete these steps:
    1. In OS Type, select Linux.
    2. In Hostname, type server1.
  7. Expand the Software section. Notice that Linux is displayed in the Software section. We defined the operating system type as Linux in the Operating System section.
    1. In Software Type, select WAS.
  8. Click Save. The new physical machine definition is added to the test lab manager database, and the new machine name is displayed at the top of the editor.

Lesson checkpoint

In this lesson, you learned the following:
  • How to create a new machine definition
  • How to add hardware, operating system, and software attributes to the machine
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