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Work with lab resources

The lab management tool helps you manage lab resources in your testing labs by providing a way to track your resources and administer lab-resource reservations and requests.

In this tutorial, the lessons are performed by someone in the software tester role (Tanuj) and another person in the test manager role (Tammy). Tasks that are performed in the test manager role include overseeing the lab resources. For example, a test manager oversees installing, setting up, and maintaining lab resources for the entire lab and managing requests for lab resources. Tasks that are performed in the tester role include testing software products under development and reserving and requesting lab resources.

Learning objectivesIn this tutorial, you learn how to create and view lab-resource data, and how to create and respond to lab-resource reservations and requests. You learn how to perform these tasks: Create lab resource data. Reserve lab resources. Request a lab resource with a specific configuration. Fulfill lab resource requests.
Time requiredThe time required to complete this tutorial is approximately 60 minutes.

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