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Introduction: Work with lab resources

This tutorial teaches you how to create lab-resource data, reserve lab resources, and manage requests for lab resources using the lab management tool.

Learning objectivesIn this tutorial, you learn these tasks: Create lab resource data. Reserve lab resources. Request a lab resource with a specific configuration. Fulfill lab resource requests.
Time requiredThis tutorial requires approximately 60 minutes.

Skill level



The lessons in this tutorial are intended for new users who want an introduction to the basic features of lab management.


Before you begin this tutorial, make sure that you meet the following requirements.
  1. You have installed the Money that Matters sample in the Quality Management, Change and Configuration Management, and Requirements Management applications. For instructions, see Installing the Money that Matters sample. The Money that Matters sample creates a lifecycle project (JKE Banking) in each application, users, and artifacts that you need to complete this tutorial.
  2. You have assigned a Rational® Quality Manager - Quality Professional Client Access License to the quality management users in the JKE Banking project (Tammy and Tanuj). For more information on assigning licenses to users, see Assigning client access licenses to users.

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