Creating versioned test artifacts with snapshots

You can use a snapshot as a record of your progress, or you can copy a saved snapshot and edit it. Snapshots can also be used as a form of audit tracking.

About this task

A snapshot is a read-only version of a test artifact. It includes the test artifact itself, such as a test plan, and the associated test artifacts, such as the test cases, the test case execution records, test suite execution records, test suites, and the test results. If you are working with a master test plan, the snapshot also includes all child test plans and their associated artifacts.
After you create a snapshot, you can use it to create an editable test artifact that represents a previous version of a test plan, test case, test suite, or test script.

1. You can create snapshots and new artifacts only from the snapshots in the current project area.

2. Starting in version 6 releases, you can enable test artifact versioning by using configuration management. When you enable configuration management in a project area, the default versioning feature, snapshots, is turned off and the configuration management selection is permanent. You can view the existing snapshots that were taken before you enabled configuration management. For more information about using configuration management for versioning test artifacts, see Managing artifacts by using configurations.