Creating snapshots

At any point in time, you can create a snapshot of a test plan, test case, test suite, or test script. A snapshot is a read-only version of a test artifact.

About this task

You can only create snapshots and new artifacts from snapshots in the current project area.
  1. Snapshots do not support test data or environments.
  2. You can enable test artifact versioning by using configuration management. When you enable configuration management in a project area, the default versioning feature, snapshots, is turned off. You cannot access any existing snapshots once configuration management is enabled and the configuration management selection is permanent.
  3. Cloning/copying the audit history to a snapshot is not supported. Consider using the snapshot replacement, Enable only baselines mode. For details, see Enabling QM project areas to use baselines.


  1. Open a test plan, test case, test suite, or test script.
  2. Click Snapshots, located on the left, just below the list of sections.
  3. Click Create New Snapshot.
  4. In the Create New Snapshot dialog box, type a snapshot name and description. Use a name and description that helps identify the version of the test artifact.
  5. Click OK.

    A read-only snapshot of the test artifact is created.

    Note: If a Test Case Execution record is associated with the test case, the test case snapshot will not reflect this association. For example, after you successfully create a snapshot of a test case that has a test case execution record. Open the snapshot and you will see that the test case execution record section is empty.

What to do next

After you create a snapshot, you can use it to create an editable test artifact that represents a previous version of a test plan, test case, test suite, or test script.

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