Scaled Agile Framework 4.0 Quality Management process template

Use this template to follow the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) methodology. SAFe defines the roles, activities, artifacts, and work flow and provides best practices and guidance to help enterprises embrace lean and agile principles from the business level, what SAFe calls the Portfolio level, into Value Streams that orchestrate the delivery of software and products across Programs of agile Teams.

The Portfolio is responsible for driving investment in software and product development aligned with business strategy across Value Streams. Each instance of SAFe is a Portfolio of Value Streams realized by Programs that orchestrate the delivery of capabilities across multiple, self-governing agile Teams. By providing Quality Management support in the SAFe Portfolio process template, we enable you to easily align the validation of value delivery via preconfigured elements to create a SAFe-enabled full testing Portfolio. The process template provides a new project area with the process configuration, iteration structure, and test artifact templates.

You can use the Test Administrator role to assign permission to configure the Quality Management project area on behalf of the team.

The template includes commonly used SAFe artifacts and provides the workflows for test artifacts:

For more details on process templates, see Working with process templates. For guidance on working in a team that uses the SAFe process, see Scaled Agile Framework.