Using test data in manual test scripts

To use external data in a manual test, you need to associate test data with the manual test script. After you establish this association, you can use the variables in the test data to replace literal values in the manual test script.

Before you begin

Before completing these steps, create test data and associate a test case with a manual test script.


To use test data in a manual test script:

  1. From the Test Scripts section of the test case, open the test script by clicking the name. The test script opens in the Manual Test editor.
  2. From the Test Data list, select the test data that you want to link with the manual test script, and then click Save. This action associates the test data with the test script.
    When you have a large number of test data artifacts to select from, if you have created test data categories and applied them to your test data artifacts, you can group the results in the Test Data list by selecting a category type in the Group By list.
  3. Insert the test data variable into the manual test script:
    1. Click the step where you want to add a test data variable, and then move the cursor to the location for inserting the variable.
    2. From the toolbar, click the Insert Test Data Column icon (Insert Test Data Column).
    3. Select the variable, and click OK. The variable is inserted at that point in the step.
    4. Repeat to add additional variables.


During test execution, the literal values are replaced with the test data.