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Tracking requirement coverage from test plans

You can display an overview of the test case coverage for the requirement collections associated with a test plan.

About this task

When viewing the list of requirements linked to the test plan using the Coverage view, you can determine which requirements are not covered by a test case.


  1. Open a test plan; then click Requirement Collection Links.
  2. Click View As > Coverage.

    The table lists all the requirements contained in the associated requirement collections of the test plan. The table has three columns: Requirement, Requirement Collection, and Linked Test Cases. The Requirement Collection column shows the requirement collections containing the requirement. The Linked Test Cases column shows the test cases that validate the associated requirement.

  3. Optional: To group the results by requirement collection, set Group By to Requirement Collection.
  4. To show the inline filters, click the down arrow below the table columns.
    The Requirement Collection Links section with the Show Inline Filters down arrow selected.
    The section expands to show inline filters for supported columns.
  5. Optional: Set the inline filters or the text filter according to your search needs; then click Filter.

    There are two inline filters. The Requirement Collection column filter, shown if Group By is set to Ungrouped, sorts the data by Requirement Collections. The Linked Test Cases column filter has three filter settings: Show All, Contained in this Test Plan, and Not Contained in this Test Plan.

    • To display the overall coverage of the requirement collection across all test cases in the test plan, under the Linked Test Case column, select Show all. Any test cases shown in the Linked Test Cases column are linked to requirements in the collection regardless of whether those test cases are associated with the current test plan.
    • To find requirements that do not have any test case coverage in this test plan, select Contained in this Test Plan. Any rows with an empty value in the Linked Test Cases column do not have a test case in this test plan. You can use the Action menu to generate a new test case or add an existing test case.
    • To find existing test cases that need to be added to this test plan, select Not Contained in this Test Plan. Any test cases shown in the Linked Test Cases column are linked to a requirement in the collection but are not in the test plan. You can use the Action menu to add these test cases to the test plan.
    Tip: You can also sort the test cases that need to be added to the test plan by clicking the column header.

What to do next

For requirements that are uncovered by a test case, you can select one or more requirements and choose a command in the Action menu. You can select Generate Test Case to create a new test case for the selected requirements. Or you can select Add Requirement Link to Test Case to open a dialog box in which you can select existing test cases to add links to the selected requirements.

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