Tracking status from a list of test execution records

You can track test execution status by viewing a list of test case or test suite execution records. You can organize the list by owner, priority, test case, iteration, category, or last result. Testers can use the list to track individual progress. Test leads and managers can use the list to track the overall progress of the team.

Before you begin

To get started, be sure to assign a priority to each individual test artifact in your project area, including test plans, test cases, test suites, and test case and test suite execution records.

In addition, be sure to organize your test artifacts into categories, which will make it easier to track your work and the work of the test team. For example, you can assign test plans to categories such as product, release, and test phase, or assign test cases to categories such as type, function, and test phase.


  1. Browse to a list of test execution records by clicking Execution > Browse > Test Case Execution Records or Execution > Browse > Test Suite Execution Records.
  2. Filter or sort the list as needed.
  3. Click Group by > Owner to view execution records by each owner. The view is refreshed as follows:

    Test case execution view

    You can hover over each status bar for additional detail. For example, hover over the estimation roll up status bar to see the individual owner's time spent against the estimate, as shown below:

    Estimation status bar

    Hover over the attempts execution status bar to see the owner's progress by number of tests attempted, as shown below:


    Hover over the points execution status bar to see the owner's progress against points attempted:

  4. Optional: Click the Change Display Settings (Change Display Settings) icon to configure which columns and status bars to display or to change the width of each column. You can also change the column width by dragging the column dividers. You can display all three available status bars or turn them off individually. You can also regroup the execution records:
    • By priority: to view the highest priority records and to determine those records with no priority. Status bars are displayed for each priority.
    • By test case, test suite, or test plan: to organize the execution records by test artifact.
    • By iteration: to track the progress of the current, previous, or next iteration.
    • By category: depending on the categories that you have set up.

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