Tracking test execution status from a list of test plans

Several views are provided that let you track test execution status at various levels of detail.

About this task

You can get a high-level view of the test execution status by viewing a list of test plans. You can also track the execution status at the level of the individual test plan or drill down to view the status of the test case or test suite execution records.


  1. Browse to a list of test plans by clicking Planning > Browse > Browse Test Plans.
  2. From the list, filter the results that you want so that only the requested test plans are displayed.
  3. Click View As > Execution.
    The following progress reports are displayed for each test plan:
    • Execution status of the test cases in the test plan
    • Execution status of the test suites in the test plan
    • Test case points
    • Test suite points
  4. Select the twistie on the left to see the execution progress for each iteration in the test plan.
  5. Hover over any of the progress bars to see a detailed progress report.
  6. Optional: To customize which progress bars are displayed or to change the width of each column, click the Change Display Settings (Change Display Settings) icon, and adjust the settings. You can also change the column width by dragging the column dividers.
  7. Optional: Click a progress bar to open a list of test case or test suite execution records.