Logging in to Engineering Test Management

Because Engineering Test Management is a web-based product, you start the product and log in using a URL supplied by your administrator.

Before you begin

Before you can start using the product, your administrator must start the Jazz™ Team Server.


To start Engineering Test Management:

  1. In a browser window, type the URL supplied by your administrator. Typically, the URL is in one of the following forms:
    https://server_name:port number/qm/web/console
    https://server_name:port number/qm/web/console/project

    where server_name is either the host name of your Jazz Team Server or an IP address, port number is the port number on that server, and project is a project area on the server. By default, the port number is 9443.

    Here are two examples:

    https://our_qm_server:9443/qm/web/console Manager

    The first example logs you in, but you will still need to select a project.

    The second example logs you directly into the Engineering Test Management project.

  2. At the log in screen, type the User ID and password that you received from your administrator.
  3. Click Log In.
  4. If you have not logged into a project directly, select a project from the list.
  5. Start working!

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