Sorting list views

You can use the column-sorting capabilities in the list views to sort the items that are displayed.


  1. Open a view that displays a list of test artifacts.

    For example, to view test cases, click Construction > Browse > Test Cases.

    A window opens, showing a page of items for that particular test artifact.

  2. Click a column header, such as State, specify the default sort order for table columns - Ascending or Descending.

    The column header is flagged, indicating that it is the first column in a sort.

    If it is a text column, then the list is sorted alphabetically.

    Note: You can only sort columns that have bolded column names.
  3. Optional: To exclude artifacts with no data for the column that is being sorted, specify a filter value of greater than 0 for that column header.
  4. Optional: Select No Sort from the sort by order drop-down to remove the sort on the column
  5. To run a multicolumn sort, click a second column header. For example, you can run a primary sort on the State column and a secondary sort on the Owner column.
    1. Click a column header, such as State, to first run a single column sort.
    2. Click a second column header, such as Owner, to run a secondary sort on that column.

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