Estimating the size of test efforts

In the early stages of a test project, you can provide high-level estimates of the time required to complete your test planning activities and the time or effort required to run all of your tests. These estimates are often based on what is known about the project requirements.


To estimate the size of the overall test effort:

  1. Open the Test Estimation section of a test plan.
  2. Select a unit of measurement for the Planning Effort from the list.

    The following units are available:

    • PH: person hours
    • PD: person days
    • PM: person months
    • PY: person years
  3. Provide an estimate for Planning Effort using the unit of measurement chosen in the previous step.
  4. Select a unit of measurement for Execution Effort from the list.
  5. Provide an estimate for Execution Effort using the unit of measurement chosen previously.
  6. Click Save to save the estimate.

What to do next

As the project develops, individual testers can make more detailed estimates of the required effort to run individual test cases. Then you can use the test plan, the list views, and test execution records to measure your progress and provides input to several reports.

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