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Setting user preferences for the manual test script recorder

You can optimize settings for the manual test script recorder in the Preferences window.

About this task

Use the options in the Recorder Preferences section to set user preferences for the manual test script recorder in the manual test script editor.


  1. Click User Profile (User Profile menu) in the banner, and then click My Preferences for Quality Management.
  2. Click the Recorder Settings section, indicate your preferences, and click OK.
    Property Description
    Minimize the browser window when using the recorder option for creating manual script If the browser window should minimize automatically when you start the recording. This is not supported on all browsers.
    Display images captured during recording Specify the default location to store the images that are captured during the recording process.
    Show As Specify the default format for images that are stored in the Description or Expected Results column.


Preferences are saved to the user profile. Most settings are not active until the next time you log in. Your default values are shown in the Record Manual Script dialog box that opens when you start a recording.

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