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Selecting test record data during test execution

If a test script is associated with test record data, you can configure the quality management application to select the test record data while a test case is running.

Before you begin

The quality management (QM) project area must be properly configured. In the project area editor, in the Preconditions & Follow-up Actions section, verify that the "Allow Test Data Record selection before execution" precondition is active in the "Execute Test Case" operation for "Everyone (default)."

About this task

When the application is configured to select records, the records that are selected match the data selection criteria. The data selection criteria are defined at the test case level.


  1. Select a test case and click Run.
  2. In the Run Test Case window, select the Select Records from Test Data check box. Select other options as needed, and then click Next.
    The records that match the data selection criteria are displayed. By default, they are selected; you can clear them as needed.
    Important: The record selection at the time of execution takes precedence over the data selection criteria that are defined at the test case and test script levels. The data selection criteria that are defined at the test case level take precedence over the data selection criteria that are defined at the test script level.
  3. To display different rows of data, change the selection criteria. Rows that are not selected do not iterate.
  4. Click Finish.
    The script iterates through its steps according to the data that you selected.

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