Running test cases in a test suite execution on specific test machines

If you want to run a test suite on a specific lab resource, such as a high-value test machine, you can enable the extended scheduling of a reservable machine and queue the test on that machine. After the test machine is reserved for the user who is running the test, the test suite is run.

Before you begin

  1. Start the adapter on the test target machine and have at least one test machine application on the target test machine.
  2. Make sure that the Quality Management application is running on the server.


  1. Reserve a test machine for the test execution.
    Note: Depending on your enterprise process and the permissions assigned to your user ID, you might need to request the reservation of the test machine from your lab manager.
    1. From the main menu, click Lab Management > Browse > Lab Resources.
    2. Select a machine and click the machine name to open it.
    3. Under the Reservations section, specify a Reserve From and Reserve To time.
    4. Click Save.
  2. Follow the procedure to run a test suite through step 6.
  3. Select the machine to reserve.
    The machine reservation can be current, scheduled for a future time, or unreserved. To select a different machine, next to Machine, click the Change Machine icon.
  4. In the Run a Test Suite window, specify other settings as needed; then click Finish.
  5. Check execution status.
    1. Click Execution > Test Suite Execution Console.

      If you are running tests in a sequence, the first test case in the sequence is shown in the console. If you run tests in parallel, the automated test cases start to run and the manual test cases or test cases without scripts are shown in the console.

      By default, the test execution task status indicates a Queued state until the adapter is available, then the task is run automatically. If the project properties are configured to enforce reservations and enable queueing test executions on a machine, and the target test machine is currently unreserved or reserved for another user, the test execution status indicates "Awaiting reservation." After you have the reservation for that machine, the test execution task moves into the Queued state. When the adapter on that machine is available, the test execution for the task begins automatically.

    2. After the test has executed, click Show result and review the execution results.