Running quality management reports for configurations

You can run reports that show the test plans and test cases for a specific configuration.


  1. In Report Builder, to create a report, click Build.
  2. In the Choose artifacts section, ensure that the data source is Lifecycle Query Engine scoped by a configuration. All configuration-specific data is stored in the lifecycle index and is accessed by using the Lifecycle Query Engine application. The Jazz™ Reporting Service Report Builder and IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Engineering Insights can report from the lifecycle index by using a LQE-based data source.
  3. Select an artifact and create a traceability link from a test plan to a test case to a requirement.
  4. Select the configuration and click Run.
  5. If you need to share the report, set the Privacy and Sharing options to Public (publish to catalog). Click Save.

What to do next

Validate TRS feeds if Report Builder reports don’t show the artifacts that you expect, show artifacts more than once, or show a different number of artifacts than application views. For more information, see Validating TRS feeds.

You can add the new report to the Engineering Test Management dashboard.

Note: After an administrator enables configuration management, project data is sent only to Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) data sources. Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) reports and historical data reports that use an Engineering Lifecycle Management or an external data warehouse as a data source will not work and are not shown on the Reports menu.

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