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Merging test script steps with updated test case results

You can merge test script steps with an updated test case result to update a test script.

About this task

During test case execution, you can update the test script steps. The updates are saved in the test case result. If you want to update the test script, you can compare and merge the test script steps and the test case result. After merging, the test script has the latest updates that can be used for further testing.

You can view the details about the updates in the test case result table. In the Step Modification Status column, you can view the status of the result. You can also use the filter option to filter test case results based on the status as Not Modified, Modified, or Merged.


  1. Open the test case result in the test case result editor.
  2. To compare the result with the test script steps, click the Compare with Test Script Steps icon (Compare) in the Results Details section.
  3. Optional: You can also compare the result with the steps by selecting the test case result in the Test Case Results table view. In the Actions list, select Compare with Test Script Steps icon (Compare).
  4. In the comparison editor, the test script steps are shown in the left side of the editor and the updated result details are shown in the right side of the editor. To accept a change, click the Accept change from source icon (Accept change from source).
  5. To keep the existing steps in the test script, click the Keep target icon (Keep target).
  6. To accept all the changes, click the Accept all non conflicting sections icon (Accept all non-conflicting artifacts).
  7. Click Save and Close.
    After you merge changes into the test script, the step status in the Step Modification Status field becomes Merged. You can navigate to the test script and refresh the test script to view the changes.

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