Linking test artifacts with Engineering Workflow Management files

You can create related resource links between any file stored in Jazz source control and Engineering Test Management (ETM) test scripts, test case results, and test suite results. Links are established through the Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) client.

Before you begin

  • Configuration management must be enabled.
  • Install EWM client.
  • Global configuration must exist that contains configurations of source ETM and target EWM artifacts.

About this task

To create links from Engineering Test Management Test Artifacts and files under Engineering Workflow Management source control, you need to select a global configuration context for the operation.


  1. In the Engineering Workflow Management client, open the Package Explorer view, select the file that you want to associate with your test artifact; right-click, then click Team > Add Related Artifacts.
  2. In the Select Relationship window, select the artifact from the list of supported relationships- Test Case, Test Script or Test Case Result, and click OK.
  3. In the Artifact Link window, select the target artifacts and click OK. After you create a link, check in the file.
    Note: This task can not be done through the Web client. Though you can view the links on the Web client.
  4. In the Engineering Test Management application, you can view the new links under Linked Files. If you click the link, it will take you to the Engineering Workflow Management Web client to view the file. The Linked Files field is also available in the Test Script, Test Case Result, and Test Suite Result table views. You can see the linked files for each artifact resource in the tables. The file link is also visible in the Related Files section in the artifact editor's right sidebar.


This provides full traceability between Test case to test script and the actual test script files in SCM. The linked file information will also be displayed in an exported CSV or PDF file.

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