Linking to requirement collections

You can ensure that your testing effort adequately covers the necessary requirements by linking requirement collections, modules, and saved module views to your test plans. Later, you can assign each requirement to a test case and link to the test case from the test plan to ensure that the requirements have complete testing coverage.

About this task

You must configure the integration between the test project area and the requirements project area before you can create the link to the requirements collection. See Running the setup wizard for details.
  • Discovering and repairing missing back links is not supported for configuration management enabled projects.
  • If you have not enabled configuration management, when you create a link to external artifacts in a ELM application, a link is automatically created back to the source artifact in the target application, which is called a back link. However, the synchronization between bidirectional links and the traceability between source and target artifacts are not guaranteed.
When a source artifact and target artifact link to each other, this is known as bidirectional linking. The source and target applications store their links in separate databases, and the source application does not have access to the database in the target application. Certain transactional operations, such as when artifacts are copied or deleted, can occur on the source application server. In these cases, corresponding back links in artifacts in the target application are not automatically added or removed. Also, instances occur where back links are intentionally removed from the target application without removing the corresponding link from the source application. As a result, if bidirectional links are not in a state of synchronization, traceability between the source and target artifacts can appear different based on your starting viewpoint.


  1. Open a test plan or create a new one.
  2. Add the Requirement Collection Links section to the test plan if it is not already included.
    1. In the area above the table of contents, click Manage Sections.
    2. Select Show all sections to display all of the available sections.
    3. In the Available Sections list, select Requirement Collection Links and move the item to the Selected Sections list by clicking the Add (Add) icon.
      Note: The Add (Add) icon is available in the General View. If you have set the View As to Coverage, the Add icon will not be visible.
    4. Click OK to close the Manage Sections window.

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