Using test case and test suite categories to filter execution records

You can filter test case and test suite execution records using the parent test case or test suite categories. The parent categories are shown in the left sidebar under Filter by Test Case/Test Suite Categories.


  1. Open a view of test case or test suite execution records.

    For example, to view test case execution records, click Execution > Browse > Test Case Execution Records.

    A window opens, showing a page of test case execution records.

  2. Click the window sash along the left border of the main window to open the filters sidebar.
  3. In the Filter by Test Case Categories or Filter by Test Suite Categories section, click to expand one of the test case or test suite categories that are displayed, such as Type.
  4. Select a category value, such as Security.

    The list view in the main window updates, showing only those items that are of the Security Type.

  5. To remove the filter and redisplay all of the test artifacts, click the Clear Selected Filter icon (Filter) icon.
  6. At any time, you can close the filters sidebar by clicking the window sash between the sidebar and the main window.

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