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Requiring electronic signatures for reviews

You can set up your review process so that reviewers are required to authenticate with the Jazz® server each time they complete a review. Reviewers authenticate by providing their electronic signature (Electronic Signature).

About this task

You can define artifact preconditions for each user role by configuring an Operation Behavior on the Process Configuration page of the project area. In the web client, you can select preconditions for saving the artifacts that your organization requires to be signed at the completion of a review. You can require Electronic Signature at formal review for these test artifacts:
  • Test plans
  • Test suites
  • Test cases
  • Test scripts
  • Test case results
  • Test suite results
Restriction: If your Jazz Authorization Server is configured to use SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management), you will be unable to use Electronic Signatures.


  1. In the web client, log in as a user who has permission to save project areas. These users have permission to save project areas:
    • Users who have permission to save the project area in the process configuration
    • Users who are administrators of the project area
    • Users who have permission either the JazzProjectAdmins or JazzAdmins repository group permissions
  2. In the Quality Management application, click the Administration (Administration) menu and then click Manage This Project Area.

    For details about logging into the administrative pages, see Logging in for project administrators and team leads.

  3. In the navigation pane, click Preconditions & Follow-up Actions.

    The Preconditions and Follow-up Actions editor opens and shows the operations that are available for each test artifact type.

    Preconditions and Follow-up Actions

  4. In the list of operations, find the Save Formal Review operational behavior for the user role that you want to apply a precondition.

    If you want to assign a different role or time frame than the default selections, you must copy or create a configuration. For details, see Copying precondition configurations and Creating precondition configurations.

  5. In the Action column, click the Edit Configuration (Edit) icon.
    Tip: In the Save Formal Review editor, you can verify and change the user role that you apply preconditions to.
  6. Next to Preconditions, click the Add icon.

    The image shows the Add Precondition window.

  7. In the Add Precondition window, select a precondition for the appropriate artifact.
    For example, select Electronic Signature Required for Execution Result Formal Review.
  8. Optional: Edit the precondition title and type a description.
    The title is displayed to users in the Electronic Signature Required window. You might want to edit the title to emphasize process or governance requirements in your organization. The description is displayed as the Action in the Electronic Signature Required window. You can use the ${action} and ${name} variables in the description.
    For example, you might type Setting my verdict to "${action}" for the "${name}" request.
  9. Select Electronic Signature options:
    • To require signature for approvals only, select Require signature only for Formal Review records of type Approval.
    • To require users to type a comment before they can apply a signature, select Require a comment
    • To require users to select a predefined comment before they can apply a signature, select Require a predefined comment.

      You must define the comments in the Predefined Comments section.

  10. Optional: Add the Electronic Signature requirement for other test artifact types by repeating steps 6 through 9.
  11. Click Save on the project area page.


After you require user authentication for reviews, reviewers are required to supply a password when they save a review.


This example shows the settings for a precondition for saving a test plan formal review.

The image shows a screen capture of the editor for the Save Formal Review operation, with the Electronic Signature Required for Test Plan Formal Review precondition settings.

When a user who matches the assigned roles tries to approve and save a formal review in a test plan, this window is displayed:

The image shows the Electronic Signature Required dialog box.

What to do next

By configuring the Electronic Signature Required for Lock, Unlock precondition, you can require users to apply an Electronic Signature before they lock and unlock artifacts for editing. When you configure that precondition, you can also enable comments or predefined comments that users must enter to apply the Electronic Signature.

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