Enforcing unique test artifact names

When a test artifact is created, it is provided with a unique ID. However, the artifact name can be reused. You can configure options in a project area to enforce name uniqueness for new artifacts and artifacts that are renamed.

About this task

If this project setting is enabled and you try to create or rename a test artifact with an existing name, you are prompted to use a different name. The following artifacts types can be configured to enforce unique names:
  • Test plans
  • Test cases
  • Test suites
  • Test scripts
  • Test case results
  • Test suite results
  • Test case execution records
  • Test suite execution records
  • Test environments
  • Build records


  1. Log in as a user who has permission to save project areas. You can save project areas if you meet one or more of these criteria:
    • You have permission to save the project area in the process configuration.
    • You are an administrator of the project area.
    • You have either the JazzProjectAdmins or JazzAdmins repository group permissions.
  2. In the banner, click the Administration (Administration) menu, and then click Manage This Project Area.
  3. In the Project Area editor, click Test Artifacts > Name Uniqueness.
  4. Select Enforce name uniqueness for artifacts. By default, the option is applied to all test artifacts types.
  5. Optional: If you do not want name uniqueness to be enforced for specific artifact types, clear the check boxes next to those types.

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