Discovering and updating suspect test cases

You can automatically discover whether test cases in your test plan are linked to requirements that have changed and that are causing the suspect status to be marked as Suspect. Then, you can review the linked requirements that contribute to the suspect status to determine whether the associated test cases require updates.


  1. Reconcile the test plan with the requirements in its linked requirement collections.
  2. During the reconcile operation, ensure that you complete the following steps:
    1. For all unplanned, deleted, or updated items, click Mark Suspect. When one or more linked requirements are set as Suspect, the associated test cases are automatically marked as suspect.
    2. Optional: For any modified requirements, to update the associated test case, select Create New Quality Task. Depending on the process in your organization, you can choose to create a quality task after reviewing modified requirements, in step 6, after you determine whether associated test cases require updates.
  3. To determine whether suspect test cases require updates, open a suspect test case.
    • In your My Tasks widget, open a quality task for a suspect test case and then click the link to the associated test case.
    • In a test plan, in the Test Cases section, open a test case with a Suspect (Suspect) icon in the Suspect column.
  4. In the test case, click the Requirement Links section. Requirements that contribute to a suspect status for the test case have a Suspect (Suspect) icon in their Suspect Contributor column.
  5. Review the requirements that contribute to the suspect status to determine whether test cases should be updated to reconcile test coverage.
  6. Update the associated test case or create a quality task for a team member to update the test case.

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