Defining your own risks

If the supplied list of risks does not meet your needs, you can add new risks.


  1. Log in as a user who has permission to save and modify a project area. This can be any one of the following:
    • A user granted permission to save and modify a project area in the process configuration.
    • A user who is an administrator of the project area.
    • A user who is granted either the JazzProjectAdmins or JazzAdmins repository group permissions.
  2. Click the Administration (Administration) icon in the top right portion of the banner and then click Manage Project Properties.
  3. Expand the Risks section and then select Risks from the list.
  4. Click the Add Risk icon (Add).
  5. Select a risk type from the list. Currently, choices are Technical and Business.
  6. Type a description of the risk.
  7. Click Save.


After you define a risk, you can add it to a risk profile and then to a test plan, test case, test suite, or requirement.

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