Customizing the command-line adapter

When you use the command-line adapter, you can customize the actual results mapping. The application-under-test needs to return an exit that is mapped to a script Actual Results value.

Before you begin

The adapter needs to be stopped.


Optional: Customize the file on the test target machine. A process exit code is mapped to the script Actual Results. The default mapping is as follows:
Exit code Script Actual Results
0 Passed
* Failed
40 Error
41 Incomplete
42 Inconclusive
43 Blocked
44 Partially_blocked
45 Permanently_failed
46 Deferred
Edit the file on the test target machine before you start the adapter. This file controls the Actual Results and can add text to be appended to the end of the execution results log. The text in the properties file has more information on how to update the file.

What to do next

You can now start the command-line adapter. For additional information about customizing the command-line adapter, see

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