Creating requirement collections

Through Engineering Lifecycle Management integration, you can create requirement collections in your Requirements Management project. In the Quality Management project, you create links from test artifacts to requirement collections.

Before you begin

You must have the Engineering Lifecycle Management integration set up before you can create and manage requirement collections.


  1. In the menu at the top of the page, click Requirements > Create Requirement Collection.

    The Create new Requirement Collection window opens.

  2. Complete the Create Requirement Collection page as required. Your team might decide to complete only some of these fields.
    1. In the Name field, type the name of the requirement collection. This is a required field.
    2. In the Artifact Type field, select the artifact type for the requirement collection.
    3. In the Artifact Format field, select Collection or Module. See Differences between collections and modules to understand the difference between collections and modules.
    4. Optional: Under Populate artifact values, in the Template field, select the template from where you can populate the artifact with information.
    5. Optional: Under Location, in the Folder field, you can either select the folder in which the requirement collection is located, or you can create a new folder.
    6. Optional: In the Tags field, type one or several tags that you can use to group or classify the requirement collection.

      For example, you can use tags such as performance, usability, accessibility, customer-must-have, and so on. You can also use tags as a filtering mechanism when viewing requirement collections.

  3. Click Finish. The new requirement collection is added to the Requirements Management project.
  4. Click Requirements > View Requirements. The requirement collection is displayed in the artifact list.
  5. Click the name of your requirements collection to open it. Populate the requirements collection with requirements in your Requirements Management project, or create new requirements to add to the collection by clicking Add Artifact.